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David Bush's online sex shop, sort of

No. I do not sell sextoys. And most certainly, I do not sell child-like sex dolls. I am also not the son or grandchild of George Bush. Not related to them. And I am also not one of the famous David Bushs. A waste of time to google for me.

Sure, I have been writing for some time. But this is my first website. Writing for my own website is probably more rewarding than writing on Facebook and further sweetening the life of Mark Zuckerberg by giving him the opportunity to insert paid ads into my texts. He already has a mountain of sugar money. Life is unfair.

No point lamenting. Actually, I would not want to trade places with Mark Zuckerberg. At least I can have sex with whonever I want. But if you are famous like Mark Zuckerberg, if you just have a little sex on the side, it's a scandal. And it costs a lot of money to make girls keep quite when they know how rich you are. Just read how much Donald Trump apparently had to pay every now and then to keep young women from storming into editorial offices and earning money with exclusive interviews.

Sex ist expensive if you have a lot of money, and even more so if you are well-known. I don't want to be famous, thank you. And just 1 percent of Mark Zuckerberg's money would be perfectly enough for me.

Too much money is bad for sex, but good sex is the most important aspect in life. At least for me. And probably for you, otherwise you would not have come visit my site.

What can you do if sex no longer is as good as it was when you were younger? Taking Viagra is not a solution for me, and it shouldn't be for you. Viagra makes good erections, not good sex. I don't consider this the same. Because for me, good sex has to culminate in a powerful orgasms. With Viagra, I often had good erections, but orgasms were so-so.

And then there are my Viagra headaches. Actually, Viagra in me is more reliable to cause a headache than it is to cause an erection. And the there is the Viagra risk for a stroke. I'm very afraid of suffering a stroke. My mother and my father both died after strokes, but not right away. My mother after being in a vegetative state for a year, and my father after about a month with a locked-in syndrome. I don't want a risk for a stroke, not even a little risk after a mild stroke. What sex is there for me when I am a disabled man after a stroke. You can search yourself in scholar.google.com. You just want to key in: sildenafil stroke risk

I take kaempferia parviflora (krachai dam) for erectile ease, which accidentally I also sell. krachai dam is a natural phosphodiesterase inhibitor. Mind you: sildenafil. vardenafil, and tadalafil all are also phophodiesterase inhibitors. But kaempferia parviflora is slower in its effect, which means it takes longer to have the desired effect. You should consume it for weeks on end. Anyway, its also a smart drug, and in my opinion, we are never smart enough. And in Thailand it's also used for penis enlargement. You probably have a big enough penis anyway, so you can disregard this piece of information.

OK, I always welcome good erections. But for me, optimal sexual desire and optimal orgasms are even more important. In this aspect, I am a fan of Serge Kreutz and his ideology.

So what can you do for optimal libido and optimal orgasms? If you need some help in this department, you can always buy the tongkat ali and butea superba extracts I sell. :-)

You can also discuss optimal usage with me. I have considerable experience with that stuff.

The extracts I sell have all been manufactured by Sumatra Pasak Bumi with website https://tongkatali.org. You can also email them to have it confirmed that we are a legitimate, authorized distributor.

The items we sell are:

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