Check your tongkat ali source

Itís hard for people in the US to buy genuine, effective tongkat ali.

Sure, herbal supplements are everywhere. But itís not that you could walk into a shop of a chain supplement store, pick a bottle that has tongkat ali printed on it, and then be somebody who enhances the quality of his or her life by balancing hormonal factors.

Because the bottle which says tongkat ali is likely to either contain none of it, or just absolutely minimal, disregardable, therapeutically useless trace amounts of tongkat ali. A sand corn of tongkat ali in a truckload of rubbish. And that sand corn isnít even extract, but root powder.

I have been saying this about major supplement brands present in US chain stores for two decades, and now itís official.

As reported in the New York Times and subsequently in all kinds if other media, the New York attorney general has sent a warning lette to Walmart, Walgreens, Target, and GNC to remove that junk from there shelves, or face judicial proceedings.

If you want genuine tongkat ali extract, or even just genuine root, buy it from a source in Indonesia. Or buy from somebody who can prove, not just claim, that his or her tongkat ali is from a trustworthy source in Indonesia. If ever possible, avoid Singapore for tongkat ali or health supplements in general. You donít want to mess up your health with bootleg white powders from a kitchen lab or garage lab in China. They donít have scruples to poison infants, and they wonít stop before doing so with bodybuilders or sexual-thrill seekers. There is anyway no public sympathy for dirty old men who suffer a sudden exitus while being at it on top of a prostitute in a backlane absteige.


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