Tongkat ali and butea superba effects on health

So far, no explicit negative impact of tongkat ali and butea superba on general health has been established.

But what are negative impacts?

Take for example the habit of smoking tobacco. That has a very clear negative effect on health. Tobacco causes lung cancer and, of course, erectile dysfunction.

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Or take alcohol. Alcohol causes liver damage, dementia, and, of course, erectile dysfunction.

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Nothing like lung cancer or dementia to fear with tongkat ali or butea superba. And, of course, no erectile dysfunction.

Time to change your life, if so far you haven't.

No more tobacco, no more alcohol, but tongkat ali and butea superba, and, of course, great sex.

You don't have to worry about negative health effects from tongkat ali or butea superba. The two, consumed at normal dosages, if anything, may make your life longer, not shorter.

Look at some famous tongkat ali users, such as Malaysian prime minister Dr. Mahathir MD.

Or take alcohol. Alcohol causes liver damage, dementia, and, of course, erectile dysfunction.

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He is a medical doctor, a tongkat ali advocate, and 93. At age 92, when most people are fully decomposed, he was elected prime minister of Malaysia in a democratic exercise... as opposition candidate.

Long live tongkat ali!



Tongkat ali and butea superba effects on health

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