Intense orgasms with tongkat ali

Below the first report of Tongkat Ali trial participant David, received July 10, 2008.

My name is Damian. I am a 53-year-old Psychotherapist currently living in Toronto, Canada with a female partner who is my age. While I am a little overweight at 187 cm. tall, my doctor tells me I am in good health for a man my age. As he is a good 15 years younger than me, I realize he does not know what it feels like to be a man my age. I have noticed that my energy levels, my libido and my ability to maintain an erection have slowly diminished over the last several years. It literally began to take me all night to do what I used to do all night.

Concerned about this I decided to do some research about aging and the body. As I am quite health conscious I decided to go the natural route first and began using a variety of supplements- everything from acidophilus to zinc. The only thing that seemed to even halfway work was tribulis terestrus – puncture vine. I decided to try pharmaceutical and turned to Pfizer's Blue but this only provided the full erection but not the big sensation I remembered from my youth.

Further research led me to websites on sexual enhancement and consequently Tongkat Ali. Impressed with the anecdotal and scientific information, particularly Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s involvement in a joint research venture with Malaysian Universities, I finally decided to purchase a small quantity of the product. The announcement of the trials could not have been any timelier for me.

I hope my participation will not only have positive results for myself, but that it may be a part of something that will help other men regain the quality of physical and sexual vitality in their lives.

July 3:

Took .5 gram tongkat ali 1:50 extract at 12:30 p.m. with hot coffee. Warm flushing occurred within a minute of ingestion. Began in face and quickly spread into body providing a feeling of well being. At about five minutes after ingestion am noting warmth building in loins. Not sure if this is a placebo effect. This quickly subsides and I am left with a feeling of lightness in the body but with a strong sense of mental focus.

At about 3 p.m. took 25 mg. Pfizer's Blue and had sex about an hour later. Did not notice any appreciable difference in sensations or in volume of ejaculation. Did however feel more into the experience than usual.

Later in the evening I noticed a definite rise in libido but was unable to talk my partner into anything of consequence. Remained feeling alert and focused for the rest of the day and had no difficulty in getting to sleep even though I did not feel as tired as I usually am. Noted a bowel movement at 1:00 a.m. similar to the description by another user regarding his experience on testingtongkatali.com.

July 4

Woke up feeling refreshed and alert. Took .5 gram tongkat ali 1:50 extract at 8:00 a.m. with coffee. Did not notice any flush today or a noticeable change in body sensations. No opportunity for sex with partner but in a masturbation session noticed a pleasurable sensation that seemed to jump from my prostate to penis. Ejaculation was powerful but with small amount of ejaculate.

I did note a greater sense of clarity of mind and in reaction time when driving. A general sense of well being was experienced throughout the day. Unless it is my imagination, I am feeling a heightened sense of libido as a result of just feeling so good. It is quite pleasant. A physical note. Both my penis and testicles are somehow a little fuller than normal.

My energy level seems to be increasing and I am enjoying the greater sense of vitality that comes with it.

July 5

Decided to refrain from sex to observe results. Took .5 gram dosage at 9:00 a.m. No big change in body sensations was felt after taking the tongkat ali 1:50 extract. Noticed a throbbing in gonads after a couple of hours. Definitely feeling more sensual and easily stimulated. Energy levels are up and what I can only describe as a heightened sense of mental clarity is noted. This sense of clarity remains throughout the day accompanied by the now familiar sense of positive assuredness. Feeling calm yet quite energized.

Despite my resolution to abstain from sex I find myself drawn toward my partner with increased enthusiasm. A definite shift from how I had been feeling, which was mostly neutral. When I hold her I feel a spontaneous erection almost immediately. A wave of desire overwhelms me and I want to make love with her right then and there. Before I go any further, she pulls back and says she’s not in the mood. This was enough to break the moment and allow me to recall my original intent of no sex for the day. Can only remember this sort of desire a few times in my life – all before the age of thirty-five. Am coming to the conclusion that this is not just my imagination. Should be fun to find out where this is leading. Fell asleep quickly and easily.

July 6

Woke up feeling energetic and rested. Slept full 8 hours – a little unusual as I normally sleep no more than six to seven hours. Took .5 gm. tongkat ali 1:50 extract at nine a.m. mixed with room temperature spring water. Dissolved easily. My mood is buoyant and I am almost eager to get at the day. My partner came into the room while I was writing this and her presence captured my full attention. I found myself getting an erection as she put her hand on my shoulder. I don’t recall feeling this frisky for some time.

As the day progressed I began to feel more and more amorous until I finally approached my partner later in the day. We made love and I was able to maintain an erection without Pfizer's Blue for over half an hour. The sensation of cumming was protracted lasting several times longer than I have been used to. A powerful, urging sensation remained that seemed to run strait from my testes into my penis. The feeling was quite pleasurable. Later as I began to fall asleep, the memory of the experience brought me back to full erection. That hasn’t happened in years.

July 7

Awakened feeling refreshed and energized.. Thinking about the past days I realized there were other effects of the tongkat ali 1:50 extract that I had not really noticed until today. For me the “sensation” of tongkat ali 1:50 extract is a slight flush in the face and then a feeling of lightness that begins to accelerate as the day goes on. About six to eight hours after consuming the tongkat ali 1:50 extract, I begin to feel light again and then I can become very easily aroused. There is a sight throbbing in the testes that is not unpleasant. Prior to this time, I am feeling quite energetic and self-confident and find myself going about my day’s work with vigor finding my stamina increasing on a daily basis. I also find that while I prefer to take tongkat ali 1:50 extract on an empty stomach that later consumption of food does nothing to diminish the effects.

I would also like to note here that my “brain fog” appears to have cleared, leaving me with a greater sense of congruity in my thought patterns. I also notice that while feeling renewed and invigorated, I also feel quite centered and calm, allowing me to deal with stress in a far more constructive state of mind. I find myself less anxious and more directed since beginning the trial. I also find that my short-term memory is much sharper than usual. An added benefit for someone who was beginning to have the occasional “senior moment”. Overall I would say that this is having a positive effect upon my professional life as a direct result of the factors noted in this paragraph.

Today I decided to take a 1-gm. Dosage at 9 a.m. So far I have not noticed an appreciable difference in sensation from the half-gram dose although I had a B.M. almost four hours to the minute after ingesting the larger dose. Later I feel slightly restless so I do some light calisthenics and the sensation quickly dissipates.

I also notice that my sense of touch is becoming more pronounced and that I am feeling quite sensual by the time 6:00 p.m. arrives. By 8:00 p.m. I make love with my partner and the sensation is definitely strong and powerful. I managed to sustain a second erection less than 20 minutes after the first one and it was also powerful although without the same intensity. Finding myself able to hold back on ejaculation with little difficulty. Afterwards felt more charged rather than wanting to go to sleep immediately after sex.

July 8

Decided to reduce daily dosage to 200 milligrams instead of taking the two days off as I originally planned. This way I will continuously have the tongkat ali 1:50 extract in my system and I will be able to determine what difference the smaller dosage will make.

Took tongkat ali 1:50 extract at 8:00 a.m. I notice that there is still a feeling of well being and I have to note that I have been in a relatively good mood since I began the test. I do not get the same level of intensity that seemed to arise after the .5 gram dose. My energy levels remain consistent although I do not seem to have anywhere near as much in reserve as on previous days.

No opportunity for conjugal sex and no desire for self release today. This could also be due to a rather stressful day that required all of my mental and emotional attention. I did notice that I did not feel so caught up in events and that I was able to hand the stress in far more a low-key frame of mind.

July 9

Took 300-mg tongkat ali 1:50 extract to notice a difference. Took dosage at 8:00 a.m. and noticed a flushing sensation about a half-hour later that lasted for about three hours. It was the same type of flush but reduced in intensity as the .5 gram dose. Lifted my energy more and creates a sense of what I can only describe as focused assuredness that seems to have been growing since I first began the tests. My mind seems to be clear and sharp at all times with any feeling of the former “brain fog” now completely dissipated.

I also feel my sense of physical desire rising throughout the day. My skin is feeling more sensitive to touch and when my partner touches me I am quite stimulated experiencing spontaneous erection. We make love in the evening and I have a sexual rush that can only be described as transcendental. My anticipation of orgasm seemed to last for minutes instead of seconds. Each time I seemed ready to cum I would plateau for a moment and then would start to build to an even higher sense of excitement and pleasure. When I finally came I was completely engulfed in the intensity of the moment. To top it off, my partner couldn’t get the smile off her face. The fact that I remained semi-hard for some time afterwards and felt capable of performing again was a first. That hasn’t happened to me since I was twenty something.

Even to the end of the day I am feeling energized and definitely ready for another encounter with my partner but she is tired.


At the end of week one, I am experiencing a marked increase in my libido. I have not experienced any increase in volume of ejaculate but I most certainly have in the intensity of the ejaculation and accompanying orgasm. I would also like to add that during this week all orgasms, whether self-induced or copulation-induced happened with escalating intensity up to today. My ability in particular to focus on and remain fully in the sexual experience has increased exponentially during the week adding a new level of enjoyment to making love that I have not experienced until now. I also find I am feeling physically stronger and more energetic than I have in quite some time. This helps create an overall sense of well being that is most pleasant.

My partner notices a definite difference in the quality of my erections. She tells me she feels fuller during sex and is pleased with my increasing ardor and endurance. Only thing on the down side seems to be a slight hemorrhoid uprising that began shortly after beginning the test. I don’t know at this time if it is symptomatic or coincidental. Time will tell.


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